About Us

Duhatech Machine Technologies

Duhatech Machinery Technologies, as a BY HOLDING® organization, operates in the field of machinery and equipment for wastewater and potable water treatment systems, as well as machinery manufacturing that may be required by many industry establishments. Duhatech is a leading company in its factory, which is located in a closed area of 3.600 m2 and open area of 1.400 m2 ,so in a total area of 5.000 m2 with its experienced staff of about 20 years , and which manufactures equipment with a large number of machine tracks.
Our company has been continuing its production since the day it was founded without compromising from service understanding, working ethic and quality principles. Duhatech combines efficient and quality production with its solution partners with its quality management system, efficient project management approach, high technical staff with a skill of continuous improvement, and developing machinery park. Our goal is to serve our solution partners for many years and continuously in our company where sustainable quality, honest working environment and mutual trust are essential.
Duhatech Machinery Technologies is progressing to become a world brand by starting from the project and design phases and fulfilling all responsibilities completely until the production and termination of the service. Duhatech, which has been involved in as many projects until today, carries out R & D studies together with years of manufacturing and engineering experience and also manufactures machines which are completely designed. Duhatech is presenting all the machine equipments that it produces to many water treatment firms and industrial establishments in the country and also exports to different countries abroad.
Duhatech Machinery Technologies aims to be a company that is firmly rooted in its tradition, innovating and developing in a clear way to the future.